The Magic of Healing

The Magic of Healing is an eight step exploration of mind-body medicine through Ayurvedic principles. The course has been created by Deepak Chopra, MD and David Simon, MD, of the Chopra Center, and is designed for people who have had little or no previous understanding of these concepts. Health is viewed as the dynamic integration of our body, mind, spirit and environment.

During this course you will investigate the nature of consciousness and its expression into emotions, thoughts, desires and actions. The choices we make in our daily life have a profound impact on our health. Attending this course will help you understand more clearly who you are, your true nature and how to create health and harmony in your life by balancing your mind,  body, spirit and environment. During the course you will explore the essential components of life, which, when in harmony, create health and well-being.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have received a wealth of information, along with useful, tangible approaches to whole body wellness.


Creating health is a six lesson program designed and presented for the purpose of achieving physical, mental and spiritual well being through Ayurvedic principles.  The program represents an integration between the principles of modern science and the insights from the world’s timeless wisdom traditions. By learning to listen to the inner message our bodies give us, and by becoming familiar with our unique and individualized responses, “Creating Health” provides an easily understood and exciting way to refocus our attention, and by doing so, discover new possibilities for enhancing health, happiness and spiritual unfolding.

This is an interactive course where your participation is welcome. It is truly an enlightening learning experience for all participants. Topics include nutrition, meditation, rejuvenation, emotional response, yoga and problem solving.

The eight lessons of Magic of Healing plus the six lessons of Creating Health are facilitated by a Magic of Healing/Creating Health educator, certified by Dr. Chopra. Each of the Magic of Healing lessons includes a video presentation by either Dr. Chopra or Dr. Simon. These classes can be received at The Chopra Center at La Costa Resort and Spa, Carlsbad, California, or from Jane Dennell, RN of the Willow Tree.

The Magic of Healing, Creating Health, and Primordial Sound Meditation Seminars are perfectly designed to supply the individual with the tools to create a more positive and rewarding future. Get to know yourself as the dynamic individual you are. Sign up for courses with Jane & John, or the educator in your area. Click here to visit the Chopra Center.

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