Prison Yoga / Meditation

“To bring about behavioral change, prisoners who’ve been impacted by chronic interpersonal trauma most of their lives need to be met with dignity and understanding.”
John Close is a humble, gentle, knowledgeable, radically eccentric teacher that walks like a saint. John was my first Yoga instructor and it warms my heart sincerely every time we meet.

His perfect smile glows from within. This is an individual versed in the perennial experience of life and he carries the wisdom that breathes tangible wellness into the dark corners of the human condition.

In a prison that feels like a brutal experiment I am thankful to be touched by such a wonderful teacher.

Thank with heart,
I don’t know all the details of what John had to go through to bring Yoga into this prison, but I do know the bureaucracy of this prison. So I can say that he needed all the virtues of the Warrior-focus, resolve, courage, patience in huge quantities to bring Yoga into the prison. I am profoundly grateful.

The program he established here is suffused with those virtues and we who are fortunate enough to participate can’t help but absorb those virtues.

Thank you John?
Steve Decker

P.S. the Warrior poses are some of my favorites!