Meditation allows you to enjoy the peace of present moment awareness. When your mind is fully engaged in in the here and now, it’s not worrying about the future. More than this, cultivating present moment awareness through meditation opens you up to the fullness life has to offer. This moment is the only place where happiness, love, and peace can truly be experienced.

   To Sleep or to Meditate / That is the Question?

John’s simple explanation of “Why to Meditate.”

Meditation is elusive yet it is that elusiveness which is at the heart of yoga. Did you know that falling asleep is considered a good meditation? After all if you fall asleep during meditation you must have needed it.

Another relationship of sleep to meditation is that you fall into both. Just think of the relationship between these two phrases;  “I fell asleep,” and “I fell into meditation.”

Following this concept, which compares meditation to sleep; Have you ever noticed the exact moment you have fallen asleep. I haven’t. I only remember waking up. The same thing can be said of meditation. “I sit down to meditate and the next thing I know “I’m coming out of meditation.”

Do you see the similarity? Now let me share the understanding concerning this thought. You see when you wake up you can tell the difference between sleeping and meditation. It’s really simple. When you wake from sleep you feel groggy and disoriented. When you wake from meditation you feel alert and oriented.

The next thing to realize is that you need both for a healthy, vitalized life. Sleep is absolutely necessary for a healthy life and meditation is absolutely necessary for a vitalized life. Put the two together and nothing will stop you.

Put your mind into your body where the union of breath unites the mind and body into interconnectedness which can be called heart. This passion of heart activated and actualized results in the knowingness that nothing will stop you as you achieve your goals.

This is the reason for having a meditation after a night of sleep. Rested, healthy and vitalized you will receive the benefits of meditation as you create a life worth living.