Meditation & Yoga with John & Susan

Harmony in Yoga Through
Individualized Patterns of Movement

Having initiated yoga into the local area 20 years ago we at the Willow Tree are now surrounded by several yoga created opportunities. John suggests, “Starting with Gentle Yoga to develop skills in a safe enviroment and proceed safely from there.”  John  standard suggestion is to, “Go where the body wants to go, Not where the mind wants to force the body.

Meditation meets each Tuesday at 10 AM

Susan’s Thursday’s Yoga Class is at Noon

John’s Chair Yoga continues Tuesday at Noon.

In Chair Yoga John has found a unique opportunity to focus on the spine. He calls it, “Rocking the Core.” This is not building the abdominal 6 pack. It is an opportunity to strengthen the muscles of each vertebrae for spinal support. The movements also increase spinal flexibility. John says, “develop the flexibility of the spine like a snake within the limitations of the human head, shoulder, ribs and hips.”

With John’s methods each vertebrae can be flexed which serves to maintain spine health, enhanced flexibility as it reduces any pain levels experienced. At the same time spinal strength is established and maintained. This serves to protect the spine even when injuries have resulted in physical limitations to the individual.