Class Schedules

The Willow Tree offers the following classes.

Yoga for all Levels
1 Session $7
11 Sessions $50
Unlimited Sessions $90 per quarter (3 month period)


Meditation with John *Tues 10:00am-noon
Yoga In A Chair with John *Tues 12:00-1:00 pm
Yoga with Susan *Thurs 12:00-1:00 pm


*Primordial Sound Meditation with John Close RN/RYT
Chopra Center Certified Instructor
Call for Pricing
(208) 452-5716

Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) is an easily learned technique that enhances all of the benefits of yoga, i.e. unity of the mind/body. With gentle repeated practice of PSM, harmony and contentment resulting in deep levels of stress relief – occurs. When incorporated into daily life, PSM creates a profound healing and balancing effect on all aspects of mental, emotional and physical functions. The practice has also been shown to be effective in addiction control.

Instructors: *Open to all levels
John Close RN/RYT
Susan Havlina RYT

Ortho-Bionomy Classes ( More Info)
are offered 3 times a year
Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer (Boise, ID), Fall
Instructor: Terri Lee, Advanced Instructor
Contact us for information and to get on the Contact List

Mind Body Wellness Classes with John
All adults, new clients – $75.00 per 6 Months payable on your bi-yearly anniversary and on initial visit. A one time manta fee is recommended.
Private ($200) & group gatherings ($75×6 months) in Mind Body Wellness incorporating Meditation, the Heart Sutras, the Biological Responses, SynchroDestiny and the advanced Meditation Sutra Practice. (times above)
Call or eMail for more information.

Weekly Meditation Sessions
Every Tuesday from 10am – Noon
cost is the same as yoga

This weekly gathering is open to all levels. Bring your expertize to share and merge with all levels of interaction to enhance the ever broadening perspectives of human development.

John L. Close R.N./R.Y.T. will facilitate and share ever-broadening techniques and methods to allow individuals to utilize the full potential of what is means to be human. Our innate capacity to grow, develop and prosper has been expanded in this modern age. Simple exercises will be used to integrate this experiential knowledge into our physiology.

Simply being aware of these methods starts a chain reaction that allows our human potential to expand. Life has taken on new meaning so it’s up to each of us to activate ourselves to achieve full potential.

Trained by Deepak Chopra in meditation and the biological responses which enhance human development John is also fluent in Ken Wilber’s system of value levels, lines of intelligences, states of consciousness and quadrants.

As time goes on we will learn personality types and open the sub-conscious by exposing the shadows of our lives. John will be utilizing the methods of Yogi Amrit Desai in aspects of yoga and pranayama and other aspects of this tradition.

Perfect Health ( also called “Creating Health” ) 6 sessions
Instructor – Jane Dennell RN Creating Health & Wellness is a six-lesson program developed by Deepack Chopra, M.D. for the purpose of achieving physical, mental and spiritual well-being. An integration between the principles of modern science and the world’s timeless wisdom traditions is presented in an exciting way to discover new possibilities for enhancing health.

Magic of Healing  8 sessions
Instructor – Jane Dennell RN “The Magic of Healing” is an 8-step exploration of mind body interaction. the course was created by Deepak Chopra, MD and David Simon, MD of the Chopra Center. You will investigate the nature of consciousness and its expression into emotions, thoughts, desires and actions. Attending this course will help you understand who you are, your true nature and how to create health and harmony in your life by balancing your mind, body and environment.