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  • Personalized care plans address the individual’s internal absorption efficiency, body type, heredity, lifestyle, system responses and emotional, mental and hormonal status. Methods and therapies utilized include:

  • Telephone and personal consultations to assess the client’s needs and teach more healthful strategies.

  • Nutritional assessment and teaching, with diets tailored to body function and type, necessary nutritional and herbal supplements and strategies.

  • Stress reduction, positive lifestyle, meditation, yoga and relaxation therapies

What people are saying…


Before I saw Jane, my neck & lower back were just killing me! Had headaches all the time. Ever since that first session , they have dwindled to practically none. Amazing to be pain free! She, also, has been working on my bum foot which has helped it immensely! I’ve been following her food plan which has helped me lose 35# since July 2014. I feel great! Don’t have cravings for sweets or junk food anymore. Instead, I want fruit and/or veggies, plus some kind of protein. Amazing! I can’t wait to get back for another Ortho treatment! It’s really changed my quality of life!