Magic Collection

Mayur has been our product provider since Jane and John met him in India when they visited there in 2000. The relationship started on a personal basis that soon developed into a deeply loving, caring and sharing one with Mayur and his entire family.
All of the beautiful items that we have on display at the Willow Tree are handcrafted from India. In 2005, Mayur opened his ‘Willow tree of India’ outlet to present the ‘Magic Collection’ world wide through his store and this website.

Many of his family members participate in the creation of a variety of the exquisite handicrafts that he and we have available. The quality of his products is unmatched. His prices (as ours here at the Willow Tree) are moderate.

The collection contains many beautiful items including Wall Hangings, Purses, Boxes, Jewelry, Lamps and Small Purses.