Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Willow Tree come from?

Jane came to be called “Mother Willow” while working at our local hospital. The name was given to honor her knowledge and belief in natural holistic healing by a Native American Respiratory Therapist. Hence within the Willow Tree’s protective branches one can find health, help and happiness.

Can you help me find health?

Willow Tree helps you develop a personalized care plan for your individual and specific needs.

How do you know what my needs are?

The body and mind express illness in many ways. We look at how the whole attempts to heal itself and assist this process.

What does that have to do with my needs?

We assist you in seeing your personal condition and look into your symptoms with insight. This leads us to the cause. Our goal is to control symptoms by removing causes and strengthening the body.

Which methods are used to strengthen the body?

Some simple dietary changes coupled with inexpensive nutritional supplements can bring about rapid improvement and increase energy levels.

 How are symptoms controlled?

It is best to consider symptoms of illness as physiological, biological, and psychological responses or reactions to various causes. From this standpoint, our symptoms belong to us. And we believe that all symptoms are positive. They are adoptive responses of our biology.

 What is meant by this?

The early acute responses to toxic, infective, or stressful events are designed to eradicate, neutralize, or assimilate these causative factors and return our biology to normal.

What does this have to do with symptoms?

Symptoms express the direction and force of the healing reaction. They are an accurate guide to determining and assisting healing.

Then what do you do?

We suggest natural supplements that will work to achieve the return to normal. The body must be in prime condition with all healing mechanisms functioning effectively, and the immune system uncompromised. In this age of nutritional deficiency and pollution, with everyone being exposed to abundant toxins, it can be hard to recover. That is why intervention is required for a positive healing response.

Are you qualified?

Willow Tree staff are certified in every aspect of our care and all our information is backed by clinical research.

How do we make contact with you?

We offer consultation services in person, via e-mail, telephone (208)-452-5716 or 452-5719 or fax (208)-452-5718. Jane or John will be glad to talk with you.

How much does it cost?

  1. Wellness Through Nutritional Consults available with Jane. All adults, new clients – $75.00 per year payable on your yearly anniversary and on initial visit.
  2. Mind Body Wellness Consults are available with John. All adults, new clients – $60.00 per 6 months payable on your bi-yearly anniversary and on initial visit.
  3. All children, new clients, under 12 years old – $30.00 per year paid on the same schedule as adult new clients.

Ortho-Bionomy fees:

Full body ……………………………………………………………………… $50.00
½ body (upper or lower) ………………………………… $25.00
¼ body (ie neck, 1 shoulder, etc.)……… $20.00
TMJ jaw alignment ………………………………………………… $15.00

Extent of needed treatment to be decided by therapist in conjunction with client.

How do we get the supplements you’ve talked about?

The Willow Tree stocks them and ships via United States Postal Service to anywhere in the world. All products are under strict Quality Control with specific ingredients in specific amounts from reputable companies. Purchases from the Willow Tree are made by credit card. You may also purchase supplements in your own community.

How do I obtain more information?

Give us a call or simply begin an e-mail discussion.

Can you come to us?

Yes, you can arrange to have our seminars and classes in your area. Call us for details. If the distance is to great we can refer you to Ayurvedic educators in your area through Infinite Possibilities Knowledge. Dr. Deepak Chopra’s educators would be glad to hear from you.