What is health? Too often we think of it only as the absence of disease or malfunction, often considering these bodies we inhabit almost as if they were machines to ride around in, having little to do with who “we” really are. The development of industry and science (including medicine) here in the Western world encourages this view. Presently we do not even have a word to express what has been known for over 5,000 years in India, the healing power of Ayurveda, which is only now being (re-) discovered by our scientists in every field from medicine to microbiology and astrophysics to anatomy– it is being accepted that we are MindBodySpirit combined, manifested in our human state.
Such is the basic philosophy of the healing tradition of India. Ayurveda is based on the concept that health is a state in which the mind, the spirit, and all body processes are in balance, Ayurvedic medicine sees humans as infinite blends of three basic mind/body/spirit types, called doshas. When in equilibrium, the unique blend of the doshas that make up our natures sustain us in a state of health that is far more than the absence of disease. When out of balance they create dysfunction that results in ill health.
Understanding and utilizing this approach enables us to pinpoint and correct imbalances before they develop into symptoms that can give rise to further health problems. Frequently this can be done with nutritional therapies, herbal therapies and simple meditation. It also enables us at Willow Tree to to assist you in structuring a unique and specific program in which ALL aspects of your life can be tailored to recreate and foster your optimum balance and health in Mind, Body and Spirit.