“Metabolic Syndrome” can it be managed?

Do you know how many of your body systems are out of balance when you have hypertension (high blood pressure)? The first ones to reflect damage are the Trio ~ cardiac, Renal & Liver with weight gain and Diabetes type 2, to follow shortly.

Are YOU aware that YOU have the capability on your own to prevent this from happening? When a person begins the slide to chronic ill health, they can learn to adjust their lifestyle in ways to prevent this syndrome. Known in the medical arena as “Metabolic Syndrome”, which has a pretty grim projected diagnosis.

 Your blood pressure medication has a good effect on your numbers, but not much that is positive in working to reverse the metabolic syndrome. The cascade of other health issues, that continue to develop with your health, i.e. kidney, liver, diabetic and weight problems.

The very newest finding are fascinating and the results to addressing self care and education for prevention on control of developing health issues of this nature are quite positive!

If you would like to learn about what you can do to stay well or nurture a “higher level of wellness”, make an appointment and let’s begin YOUR journey together. It is DO-ABLE!!

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